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People are nice

Posted on September 5th, 2007 after 1742 miles by Dean Croshere.

I expected to spend a lot of time on this road trip sleeping in my car and on uncomfortable couches. While that still may happen, I spent last night on what may be the most comfortable bed I have ever had the pleasure of sleeping on. It was one of those Craftmatic adjustable posturepedic beds. It even vibrated. Pretty spiffy.

Not much to post about the drive from Nevada to Idaho other than the fact that there was a lot of desert. I kind of liked the drive, except for the bit in Oregon. Nothing like driving on a long flat road through the desert and having the speed limit be 55 miles per hour. Seriously Oregon. I can kind of understand the 55 mph in the northwest, but in the southeast? The DESERT? What am I going to hit? A particularly large piece of tumbleweed? I'd notice a jackrabbit that tried to cross the road 20 minutes before I got there.

Also, I think I may have a plan for how to make my first episode. I'll work on it today and tomorrow and hopefully have it up by tomorrow night.

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Boxer: A Brief History

Posted on September 6th, 2007 after 2480 miles by Dean Croshere.

So my Alma Mater, Pacific University, has this mascot. A 50 some odd pound metal dragon dog thing. I am bringing it with me and photographing it everywhere I go.

We call it Boxer.

I kind of wish we didn't, as that is rather ignorant. See, the original Boxer was made 500 years ago in China. It was a symbol of good fortune to the family of druggists that owned it, the luck of the dog reflected on the luck of the family.

The family ran low on money and sold it to an alumni of the university who donated it to Pacific. The students of pacific then stole it from the school and began a long tradition.

The students named it Boxer, after then ongoing rebellion in China, occurring centuries after the animal was created. They also began to get into huge brawls over the animal, often ripping off legs or the head. I'm sure that does wonders for the luck of the family who sold him.

The original animal was stolen by the black student union in 1969 during a fight to take him, except contrary to tradition, the union never returned the original animal. The one we have now is a bigger, heavier, recast of the original.

In any case, spirit for the animal has been at an all time low at Pacific and my Fraternity, Gamma Sigma, recently managed to gain possession of him. I'm bringing him along and photographing him where ever I go in the old tradition of Boxer.

Here is one of the most famous Boxer pictures. The Alpha Zeta fraternity, Boxer, and presidential candidate Richard Nixon:

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"Throw it back"

Posted on September 6th, 2007 after 2480 miles by Dean Croshere.

What would you say if you were on vacation at a resort on a lake in Idaho and you saw some kid lugging a 50 pound metal... thing down the path?

"Throw it back!"

"I thought it was a real animal at first."

"Doesn't walk very well, does he?"

"Going swimming with your lizard?"

"Nice trophy."

I had originally feared that I would be able to find ways to get some exercise while driving. Carrying that heavy son-of-a a half mile down a hill in a forest to take a couple of pictures seems like a good way to do it.

So I lugged Boxer down to a rock all the cool Coeur d' Alene kids call "dickhead" rock. Apparently it looks like something from below. I can't imagine what.

I suppose a couple of images are a good idea.

A nice couple were walking the same direction as I was right as I got to said rock and they offered to take my picture with Boxer. I told them what I was doing and gave them a card. I hope they visit this site. If you guys are reading this, click discuss and say hi!

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Driving in Idaho

Posted on September 7th, 2007 after 2480 miles by Dean Croshere.

There is one thing you will notice if you are driving in Idaho. This quickie episode will start off the video series for the Roadtrip Life.

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Montana and Alumni

Posted on September 8th, 2007 after 2800 miles by Dean Croshere.

As I left Coeur d' Alene, I drove up above the lake and decided the views were worth a Boxer shot.

The drive today was rather uneventful. Montana is pretty. Lots of rolling hills dotted with trees. You're surrounded by them as you drive through. They're just.... the same rolling hills dotted with trees. I would be perfectly happy living in a little town nestled in these hills save for the other people that likely live in those towns. Driving through it was simply less eventful than previous days drives have been.

I wish I had been able to take a more scenic route, but I got started a little late (I had to fight with the website to get the Episode Quicklinks working correctly) and the straight through drive is about 8 hours. I did get a chance to stop a couple of times and take some interesting pictures of Boxer.

The sun was setting over the mesas in the distance behind me and I was driving into a lightning storm in front of me. I actually fretted for a little while that there would not be any place to stop and get off the freeway for a good Boxer pic. Lightning struck off to my right just as I came around a hill that had an exit. It was perfect.

Well, except a thunderstorm in Montana means the lighting doesn't strike terribly often, and there was this huge hill between me and the storm. But the sunset was great.

I really do hope I'll be able to set Boxer up in front of a video camera in order to get some good Boxer/lightning shots.

In any case, a Gamma alum of '86 hosted me last night. We spent much of the night drinking beers and swapping stories. I heard stories involving beach trips and university presidents (and university presidents at beach trips), the location of the bell that used to be in Old College Hall before it was moved. Sex tape scandals, master keys, and awesome methods of informing the student body of said scandal. I'll be informing the brothers about these things more specifically.

He was also there when the Boxer was recast. He gave me the location and phone number of the gal who got the thing made. She is down in Florida now, I hope to be able to stop and see her.

In other news, Boxer has lightened and greened considerably since being recast. On its way to being a regular Lady Liberty I suppose.

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