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Our Nation's Capital

Posted on October 8th, 2007 after 8451 miles by Dean Croshere.

I came into Washington DC last night and hit up the Capital Mall today. I have been here once before. That was my 8th grade graduation trip.

This time it was 90 degrees and I had a 50 pound dragon dog. The total walking distance on the mall was about 4.5 miles. I'll guesstimate that there was at least another half mile of to, from and inter-subway walking. 5 miles would be a new record, but I cheated. I used wheels. I put Boxer into a little rolling suitcase thing with his head sticking out, which was a bit of a pain as Boxer caught on everything, was off balance and rolled the suitcase over a lot, and I totally destroyed the suitcase.

The subway gets off first right at the Capital building. It really is a beautiful building.

After this we headed down the mall to the Washington Monument. My host is one of my best friends from high school and it was nice doing a little reminiscing about times past as we walked through the sweltering heat and humidity.

Shortly after we walked to right underneath the Washington Monument, I realized that I needed to be in the penumbra at the tip of the shadow so the sun needed to be right over the peak of the obelisk, giving it that halo look.

We crossed the street to the tip of the shadow and took a picture that I'm very proud of (though I prefer horizontally oriented pictures).

We continued down the mall alongside the reflecting pool that a kid named Tim fell into on our 8th grade trip. Also, Tom Hanks ran through it in the movie. It really would take talent to run in the pool, Tim mentioned that the bottom was really slick and covered in gooey slimy stuff that made him slip more after falling in.

I like how the Geese are hanging out right in the section of the pool that has the wind blowing over it, giving a nice midrange for the picture.

Of course we got some nice pictures with Honest Abe. Unfortunately I wasn't patient enough by this point to wait for a moment to get this picture without any bystanders.

Finally we stopped by the Vietnam memorial.

I heard that the Index (Pacific's Newspaper) has printed an article about this trip. If you are here from that, welcome! (If I can get a scanned copy of it, I'll post it here on a different page).

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