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Sweet home... Alabama?

Posted on October 23rd, 2007 after 11200 miles by Dean Croshere.

I got sloppy joe all over my shirt.

That is, if you read the outer bag. If you read the inner bag it says that it was meat with barbeque sauce that I got all over my shirt. The sloppy joe sloppiness (meat with barbeque sauce barbarism?) was doubly frustrating because I had succeeded in finishing my “fruit punch with electrolytes” out of the brown plastic bag without spilling a drop on my clothing, though my hands and feet were dyed red.

During the process of changing my shirt, I noticed I was being swarmed by butterflies. Given that I was still in the middle of nowhere, I set Boxer out on the dirt road in the hopes I could get a butterfly landing on him. None did. None even got close. Even after I set a flower on his head as bait.

After 15 boring motionless minutes of hoping, I got bored and started chasing this butterfly just about everywhere. I had to keep him between me and Boxer, away from any ridges in the road, and I had to get low enough to frame the shot right and keep the butterfly in focus. I’m sure anyone watching me would have thought me to be quite the crazy, running around and ducking down to get a shot before getting up and running again.

After snapping that shot, I got a few of the butterflies in the field.

This ladybug was much more stationary, which made it easy. I tried transplanting him to Boxer (barely in the background), but he woke up and flew away.

After all this macro photography, it was time to hit the road. Steinbeck stopped in Texas to take a break. For me, this break is in Alabama.

Then again, Steinbeck stopped with family and his wife flew in.

I don't have a wife and I'm not staying family (though I might think I was, given the wonderful way I'm being treated). Instead, I am staying with one of my friend’s parents who happen to have a disturbingly similar name. My name, Dean Croshere, is not usual. His full name is only two letters different and pronounced nearly the same.

The place that I’m staying is accurately described as the highest room of the tallest tower of a storybook castle.

I am, however, not waiting for a knight in shining armor to rescue me.

Pictures of this place will come when the lighting is right.

The first night after I arrived, we took a small tour of the town. There is this nice pier that has been rebuilt after most of it was destroyed in Katrina a couple years ago.

There is also this awesome fountain. I was actually prepared this time. I brought a tripod. It allowed me to get some nice 30 second exposures which create the nice soft fountain effect.

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