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This is amazing

Posted on October 25th, 2007 after 11200 miles by Dean Croshere.

Have you ever read this book?

I’m guessing that most of my readers have. It is pretty standard reading for elementary school students. This woman wrote it.

Sharon Creech came to give a speech at the place I’m staying.


I’m not sure exactly how to explain the wonderful place I’ve been in for nearly a week now. I know I’m going to be here for nearly a week more.

I mean, this really isn’t a common thing. If I wanted to, I could have sat in “my” room and watched a Newbury Award winning author talk about her newest book. Of course I didn’t. I sat with my hosts in the yard with all the kids running about while their son stayed inside working on a project for math class.

That is skipping the morning. Earlier that day my host had arranged for me to show my 45 senior thesis documentary film about Boxer to a small audience in Alabama. He contacted the local newspaper and managed to get a press release I wrote printed with the Nixon and Boxer picture. They had everything prepared and a small basket set up for donations. I made a few bucks, showed a few people my movie, and spoke for a minute about the history of our school and mascot.

Then we went home.

…and watched Sharon Creech give her speech. I bought a copy of the book that she then signed. Well, she put a signed sticker inside it anyway.

She just finished saying what she wanted to say when the rain started. There was a bit of warning so the crews that had laid out all the books were already frantically putting them away. I helped with the last few books before running and joining the sound crew. By the time I started helping them, the rain was coming down hard.

I started grabbing cables and coiling them. There is a special way high quality cables like these are coiled. Under over it’s called. Each time another coil is made, the wire is twisted the opposite direction to keep the net twist at 0.

Under over I coiled. Over under.

The guy who owned all the equipment checked to be sure I knew what I was doing. It was a brief assessment; it was raining on his gear.

Over under. The cables I coiled were covered in mud. Under over. Kids were everywhere trying to help, (colliding with each other, in a big thud?). Their parents were out folding chairs, they were moving equipment, and just plain being wonderful.

Once all this was resolved I wandered back to the house where my host handed me a beer.

Remember how his son was working on that math project?

He and his group were stuck. They didn’t really understand what they were doing. They tried to explain it to me and didn’t get far.

Through a series of questions, we got to the point where they could take the project over and finish it up themselves. I’m glad I got the chance to help them out on it. Luckily it wasn’t homework for me, I could think of it as a logic puzzle. That, and I love physics. They didn’t know it, but they were doing a simple torque problem. I briefly explained lever arms and how they relate to force.

Filtered throughout this post are some pictures I snapped of the place I’m staying. I’m sure I’ll take more of this amazing and beautiful home, the neighbor of which I’m currently re-roofing.

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