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Posted on October 29th, 2007 after 11200 miles by Dean Croshere.

The Grand Hotel in Point Clear Alabama is old. Old by my standards anyway.

My standards are simple. Anything older than my fraternity, founded 1863, is old. Anything younger (or newer) is young (or new).

As I said, the Grand Hotel is old.

It is also one of the few places a mint julep can be ordered on any usual day.

I have a particular way that I like a mint julep to be made. I’m fairly certain that, much like the old fashioned, it must be made at home to have it made right.

That said, atmosphere is important. A nice warm October evening in the south, the back yard of a 200 year old hotel, it seems like some pretty nice atmosphere.

The sunset was remarkable. I had brought my nice camera, but I left it in the car. I did what I could with my phone. I do rather like some of these.

I ordered another, this time with a little more sugar. The bartender was a very upright fellow wearing a tux.

“Yes, sir, right away, sir.” He spoke with a heavy german accent.

This julep was better. I continued exploring the grounds, stopping briefly to remark on the wonderful weather and remarkable sunset with a nice old lady (people are exempted from my usual method of ranking how old something is).

I headed back to Fairhope to pick up dinner. A pizza and a couple of beers later I decided to leave my car where it was for the night.

As I walked back into the house, I saw a couple pictures that were simply waiting to be taken. I grabbed the camera and a tripod and set up the shots.

Night photography is best performed a little drunk.

Assuming about a minute or so of adjusting lenses and dials, each of these shots is a 30 second exposure. After the 30 seconds, the camera takes another 30 seconds to render the image. This means it takes about 2 minutes for one exposure.

Being drunk helps pass the second minute exposure after exposure.

Here is the house I’ve been de-shingling. The darkness obscures it, but I’ve been working on the right. The small section I mentioned yesterday is on the backside of the far right end.

One thing I realized, and have wanted to experiment with for a while, is that a long exposure can be written on with a bright light.

The writing on these pictures is not done in photoshop.

It is quite difficult to get this right.

First, everything has to be written backwards.

Second, there is no way to tell where the past stroke was written.

Third, there is no way to tell how wide the canvas is. Fourth, there is no way to stay even with the canvas as it occupies 3d space. Finally, It takes a full minute for each exposure, and only about 15 seconds to write the letters. That’s 45 seconds of waiting to see if the previous attempt worked or not.

My last attempt, when it was finally legible, was my 44th exposure. My buzz was pretty much gone.

I’ll let that one stand on its own.

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