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Posted on October 31st, 2007 after 11200 miles by Dean Croshere.

Some of these articles are very text heavy and may have one or two incidental pictures.

This is not one of those articles.

I specifically planned to be at the pier at sunset to take some pictures. In the process of researching the sunset time, I came across this stock picture for sale. I hoped to be able to take a picture that came near the quality of that one.

I knew I couldn't recreate it. First of all, that picture was taken before Katrina. The pier in the foreground does not exist.

Second, that is a long exposure. I didn't bring my tripod (or Boxer, I wanted to be light) and wasn't going to be taking any long exposures (Though now that I think about it, long exposures of sunsets is a really good idea. I'll have to try that later).

Finally, There were plenty of cooperative clouds in that shot, and there weren't any when I began mine.

There were two or three really short piers next to the boat ramp. I went down to the furthest one in an attempt to frame one of the closer piers in the same manner as that stock photo.

It didn't work.

With plenty of time until sunset, I snapped a picture of this corrugated pipe sticking out of the sand in the beach area. I thought this really strange considering the beach is an attraction and probably not natural.

Directly behind the corrugated pipe was this scene.

Sunset was fast approaching. I gave up with my far pier and started to move closer to the main. This was when I noticed the birds. The next pier over was loaded with them.

While there isn't one on the pole, there is one on the light hanging off the pole. You can see him if you look closely. I kept inching closer and closer. I hoped to be able to get a silhouette of a bird on a pylon with the sunset in the background.

They weren't going to have it. Every time I got even fairly close, the nearest birds would fly off, spooking the rest.

I gave up that idea.

Instead, I scared them all.

My camera can take up to eight and a half pictures in a second.

You can bet I was pretty near to that.

They were flying everywhere. I knew where my subject was. It was just a matter of getting lucky.

I still had a couple of minutes until the sun hit the water. I snapped a shot of the sick bird that was camped out on the steps.

By the way, these pictures have the most editing I've done for this site. This one is the first time I've significantly altered the look of the picture. The colors in the original were stunning, I just preferred them muted and unified. Not to mention the original picture is a landscape.

At this point I was walking down the pier taking near constant pictures.

Sunset came and went, as it does.

There was a guy just in front of me that told me I shouldn't be taking his picture. I started to apologize and showed him that he couldn't be identified, much less located in the picture.

Turned out, he didn't really care.

Then someone recognized me. It was someone I met on my first night here.

I love to meet new people, love to chat. Most of the time my subject isn't going to change much. Most of the time it is, at worst, a minor annoyance that I have to stop taking pictures to talk to someone.

At sunset, I was straining to keep my focus on her and her friend as I saw beautiful shots literally fly by.

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