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Another Film School

Posted on November 13th, 2007 after 13660 miles by Dean Croshere.

For the second time on this trip, I stayed with someone I met before I left. Will, my host in Santa Fe, was my best friend in middle school. We practically grew up together. We didn’t hang out quite so much in high school, though that was where we both got a start in film.

Our high school, Analy High, had a magnificent video program. The teacher wasn’t exactly wonderful, we quickly taught ourselves enough to feel like we could teach the class better than her, but she was very good at one important skill.

Getting money.

I would take a teacher like her, one knows that she isn’t incredibly knowledgeable, yet is able to get enough money to keep the program adequately funded over the opposite. The teacher that is somewhat knowledgeable, thinks they are incredibly talented, and is entirely unable to write a grant or get money from a managing group, seems to be far more common and is far more frustrating.

Will and I both went to video school. He went to a tiny private school in the southwest, I went to a tiny private school in the northwest. While College of Santa Fe, his school, is half the size of Pacific, the film department is 3 or 4 times larger.

I’ve become used to touring the film departments of other schools.

I’ve become used to being jealous. It is so easy to tour some other place, see all the facilitiesand equipment that place has, and become jealous. CSF has a whole theater with a 16mm projector next to a digital projector. A modern digital projector.

Pacific has a multi purpose room with a few uncomfortable couches and chairs that can be brought about to see the smallish pull down screen. There is one old projector that may have cost a fortune in its day, but could be replaced with a pretty cheap one now. Maybe a new projector could show the color red without bleeding it to the right, creating a horrible smear that destroys the mís en scene.

This is obviously not the full story. While I would kill for a department that didn’t have to live in the basement of various buildings, that didn’t lose the serial key for expensive necessary applications, I would not give up the people at Pacific for anything.

I was not impressed by the people at the CSF. There were a few cool people, sure. By and large, though? I could see myself getting real bored and frustrated, real quick.

There is so much riding on college, so many differences and so many things to choose between.

Should I go to a big school and blend in, but have a huge alumni base and massive amounts of school spirit, or should I go to a small school, be unique and noticeable, but struggle to stay proud of the institution?

Should I find a well funded program that made so many of the greats we all look up to, or should I go to the poorly funded program, and make my own name?

To make it even worse the decision has to be made in high school under the pressure of actually being accepted or not.

It is so easy to regret a decision about college. While I may feel pangs of regret that I didn’t have this or that, I can always take a step back and a deep breath. I went to Pacific. I have met incredible people and learned important things from them. Besides, the grass isn’t always greener over there.

The cafeteria at CSF was pretty bad too.

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