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Sixteen Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Six Miles

Posted on December 11th, 2007 after 16766 miles by Dean Croshere.

What happens when you drive sixteen thousand seven hundred and sixty six miles to nowhere?

When the place you arrive is the same as the place you leave?

When you find what you sought because that was nothing?

When you are the same but the world isn’t?

When you have changed but the world hasn’t?

When you’re not sure which is which?

When, of all the places you have ever called home, none is?

You keep on.

Because anywhere you go, home becomes.

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Carlsbad, CA
Central Ala- 'Bama
The middle of the state.
Heaven on a Bun?
Next to the CdA lake
Driving in Idaho
Just south of Coeur d' Alene