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Posted on September 5th, 2007 after 1742 miles by Dean Croshere.

I expected to spend a lot of time on this road trip sleeping in my car and on uncomfortable couches. While that still may happen, I spent last night on what may be the most comfortable bed I have ever had the pleasure of sleeping on. It was one of those Craftmatic adjustable posturepedic beds. It even vibrated. Pretty spiffy.

Not much to post about the drive from Nevada to Idaho other than the fact that there was a lot of desert. I kind of liked the drive, except for the bit in Oregon. Nothing like driving on a long flat road through the desert and having the speed limit be 55 miles per hour. Seriously Oregon. I can kind of understand the 55 mph in the northwest, but in the southeast? The DESERT? What am I going to hit? A particularly large piece of tumbleweed? I'd notice a jackrabbit that tried to cross the road 20 minutes before I got there.

Also, I think I may have a plan for how to make my first episode. I'll work on it today and tomorrow and hopefully have it up by tomorrow night.

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