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Posted on September 8th, 2007 after 2800 miles by Dean Croshere.

As I left Coeur d' Alene, I drove up above the lake and decided the views were worth a Boxer shot.

The drive today was rather uneventful. Montana is pretty. Lots of rolling hills dotted with trees. You're surrounded by them as you drive through. They're just.... the same rolling hills dotted with trees. I would be perfectly happy living in a little town nestled in these hills save for the other people that likely live in those towns. Driving through it was simply less eventful than previous days drives have been.

I wish I had been able to take a more scenic route, but I got started a little late (I had to fight with the website to get the Episode Quicklinks working correctly) and the straight through drive is about 8 hours. I did get a chance to stop a couple of times and take some interesting pictures of Boxer.

The sun was setting over the mesas in the distance behind me and I was driving into a lightning storm in front of me. I actually fretted for a little while that there would not be any place to stop and get off the freeway for a good Boxer pic. Lightning struck off to my right just as I came around a hill that had an exit. It was perfect.

Well, except a thunderstorm in Montana means the lighting doesn't strike terribly often, and there was this huge hill between me and the storm. But the sunset was great.

I really do hope I'll be able to set Boxer up in front of a video camera in order to get some good Boxer/lightning shots.

In any case, a Gamma alum of '86 hosted me last night. We spent much of the night drinking beers and swapping stories. I heard stories involving beach trips and university presidents (and university presidents at beach trips), the location of the bell that used to be in Old College Hall before it was moved. Sex tape scandals, master keys, and awesome methods of informing the student body of said scandal. I'll be informing the brothers about these things more specifically.

He was also there when the Boxer was recast. He gave me the location and phone number of the gal who got the thing made. She is down in Florida now, I hope to be able to stop and see her.

In other news, Boxer has lightened and greened considerably since being recast. On its way to being a regular Lady Liberty I suppose.

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