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I thought a half mile was far.

Posted on September 16th, 2007 after 5618 miles by Dean Croshere.

I kind of want to go to Coeur d' Alene again when I'm done with all of this, just to carry Boxer down to dickhead. It seemed so far, so ridiculous then. I carried him considerably further today, and my body aches from the effort. I really should weigh him so I know what I'm carrying.

I drove into Chicago today without much of a plan for what to do. I picked up lunch downtown, a matter which I didn't think through very well. I paid more for parking than lunch itself, even though I ate at the corner of Guess and Gap, in the same building as a fur coat shop. I did get this guy-who-paints-himself-silver to pose with Boxer though.

That done, I went to take Boxer to Wrigley field. I have a frat brother who is enamored with the Cubs. It seemed the least I could do to take a picture in front of the sign.

It turns out that today was the last day they were offering tours. With a little shmoozing, I convinced them to let me take Boxer down to the field for free. I'll just post a bunch of these images in a row.

And there is more. Lots more really (I shot 309 images today), but I'm exhausted. I'm going to sleep and post more tomorrow.

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