Roadtrip Life :: Information and Statistics

My Mission

Step 1. Drive across the country with no real destination in mind.

Step 2. Record it on camera

Step 3. Edit it

Step 4. Write about it

Step 5. Put it all online


I'm driving a 1997 Nissan Maxima.

I was on the road for about 3 months.

I have been through 41 states, a district, and a duty free area.

I did not drive to or through Hawaii, Alaska, Nebraska, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Arkansas, or Kansas. The only of these I regret missing is Minnesota.

I have spent $1821.47 on 629.278 gallons of gas.

That is a rate of $2.89 per gallon or $0.109 per mile.

I have driven 16766 miles.

That is 26.64 miles per gallon or 9.20 miles per dollar.

I have encountered 3 interesting bums.

I have lost count of how many times I've slept where. A bunch of people are really nice and let me sleep on their couches. I have also slept in a couple of motel rooms, a hostel, and camped in my car and under the stars.

I have made 125 posts that appear on the locations page. Of these, 76 are news posts and 49 are the number of times I've filled my car with gas.

I have consumed 23 energy drinks and 11 cups of coffee.


Curious about that thing I keep carrying and taking pictures of?

This post about his history or this post about his origins may clear a couple things up.

In short, he is my alma mater's mascot. It is a huge honor to even touch him, much less carry him about the country photographing him. If you were worried about my pronoun choice, he is definitely male, in the most provable sense.


I strongly believe in the creative commons and the free exchange of ideas, just give me credit.

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Carlsbad, CA
Central Ala- 'Bama
The middle of the state.
Heaven on a Bun?
Next to the CdA lake
Driving in Idaho
Just south of Coeur d' Alene